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James Onohan

My Life, My Music

James Onohan, born in 1980 in East Chicago, Indiana, discovered his passion for piano at the age of 10 and is entirely self-taught. By the age of 21, he released his debut solo album, "My Life, My Music." Since then, he has composed over 30 original, breathtaking piano melodies. Beyond his remarkable piano skills, James is also a talented vocalist and flutist. His captivating performances have garnered a global audience through his expanding collection of YouTube videos. Explore this site to experience James Onohan's beautiful music firsthand. Each album is available for purchase and immediate download, promising a truly unforgettable musical journey.

My Life, My Music Vol. 1


You have two options for purchasing: buy the entire album for $7.99 or select individual tracks for $0.99 each. (CLICK TRACK NAME TO HEAR SONG) Please note that the songs displayed above are only previews; you'll receive the complete song when purchasing the album or individual tracks. Feel free to browse through my entire website and choose the songs you'd like to purchase. When you add a track or sheet music to your cart, a separate window will appear, showing the item you've just purchased. You can close that window at any time and continue shopping on my website. When you're ready to checkout, simply click the "View Cart" button on any page.

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